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Academic Counseling

We have counselors that help students create academic goals. Meet with an Umoja Counselor to review Educational Plan, discuss career goals, transfer opportunities and more. Students may book an appointment below!

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Personal Therapy

We are here to support your mental health and wellness. Just like our physical health, our minds are just as important in being supported and taken care of. To access this free service, please call (714) 992-7093 to meet with a mental health professional.

As an additional resource, please visit our online Mental Health and Wellness Resource Guide. All resources listed center or honor the Black experience. Umoja family, we see you, we hear you and we affirm you. Follow the link below to check it out!  

Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide 

Porch Talks

Porch Talks

Our Porch Talks are a safe space for Umoja Scholars to build a sense of connectedness with others and learn to advocate for themselves while discussing important topics in the Black/African community. These recurring, student-led conversations “should be open, respectful, playful; there should be argument, dissection and revision. It should be personal, political and philosophical. The porch can often be candid and sometimes even painful…such honesty and visibility can produce frustration and also acceptance. Needless to say, trust is at the foundation of a Porchtalk learning environment and trust has to be earned, modeled, practiced, openly reflected upon, and revisited,” (Umoja Practices, Page 2 of 6).

  • Both virtual and in-person discussions will take place throughout the Spring 2023 semester. Please visit https://fcumojalinks.carrd.co/ to stay updated on event dates.

Spring 2023 Porch Talks: 

  • February 8, 3 PM, virtual
  • February 22, 2 PM, virtual
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Cultural and Academic Workshops/Events 

Outside of our Porch Talks, we have additional community building workshops/events, including cultural, social and academic! These include College 101 workshops, cultural excursions, college tours, Game Hours and more! We have many opportunities to meet new connections! Start building your network for success!

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Nourish the Soul: Grocery Gift Cards

Active Umoja Scholars who engage in the program requirements have opportunities to receive grocery gift card support throughout the semester! Please stay tuned for recurring Nourish the Soul application announcements by visiting https://fcumojalinks.carrd.co/. Additionally, please add umoja@fullcoll.edu to your email contacts to avoid receiving updates in your spam folder.

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Laptop Loans

Umoja will not offer our Laptop Loan Program for Spring 2023. As an alternative, our computer lab/study space is available to access. Please note our operating hours for future access.

If you need access to a laptop, we encourage you to submit a request to receive a free laptop loan from the campus. You may submit a request by emailing ACT at techrequest.fullcoll.edu.